9 Best Theme Cafés in Indore

Nothing is fun than eating food in a uniquely designed theme! We tend to enjoy food, even more, when we like the environment a cafe provides. These unusual themed restaurants are the best for providing a blend of fun and food in Indore.

Being in a field of Social Media Marketing for different verticals and genres. Social Laddoo has successfully worked for various businesses which have been turned to be a brand. After completing various digital articles in the field of Digital Marketing, now we have moved to a category ‘F&B’ for which we have done research on the 9 best theme cafes of Indore on the basis of their Digital Presence.


It’s time to head behind bars. This café is designed exactly like a prison, with each ‘cell’ allotted to a group of guests. You will be handcuffed as soon as you enter the café and you can even try on a ‘kaidi uniform’ if you wish. The waiters are dressed as police officers. Don’t even think about not paying your bills here.

  • A MUST TRY: Paneer in crime

  • ADDRESS: Bhawarkua main road, near Mahindra showroom

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 9174874878

“Enjoy our great food and service behind the bars!”

-Manraj Singh Rajpal

(Flavours of Jail)


Horror street café is India’s first horror-themed café in Indore which serves mouth-watering snacks with a thrill of horror in pocket-friendly rates. From the horrifying ambiance to the skull mugs, the cafe follows the theme in each and every way possible.

  • A MUST TRY: Horror special sandwich

  • ADDRESS: 96, 97 Manbhawan Nagar, Under PNB Bank, Khajrana

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 099936 59334

“Eat with your nightmare at horror street cafe”

-Priya Solanki

(Horror Street café)


Are you frustrated from your life?

And need a break?

So here’s the perfect place for you. As the name suggests Nirvana Cafe is a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven. The cafe being so close to the owner’s heart has been designed entirely by the owner Krupali Parikh herself. The vision of this cafe is unique, it’s a place where you can forget all your life problems and read while chitchatting with your loved ones with great food.

  • A MUST TRY: Cold coffee and Sandwiches

  • ADDRESS: MR 9 road, DF-25, scheme no. 74C, Indore

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 0982277005

“A cup of coffee + books + peace = Good times.”

– Krupali Parikh

(Nirvana Café)


F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I’m pretty sure you’ve already understood what this café is about. Frespresso is entirely based on the very famous series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

It’s a place where you can find Rachel to your Monica and Chandler to your Joey and develop your friendships with great food and beverages.

  • A MUST TRY: Chilly Garlic Bread

  • ADDRESS:  54, LG-9A, 10, 11, Mangal Regency, Scheme, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 0731 498 8850

“If you believe in friendship, be at Frespresso.”

– Tanushree Roy



Looking for a customized party place? Looking for a place which can give you some healthy privacy? Here it is. Haveli is the first bungalow themed café in Indore. Enjoy the amazing food with great ambiance at Haveli.

  • A MUST TRY: Cheese cigar rolls & Cold Coffee

  • ADDRESS: FH-15 Scheme no. 54, Vijay Nagar, opposite Powerhouse or FH Garden, Indore

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 083195 65443

“Aao kabhi haveli pe”

– Anshul Jain

(Haveli- The bungalow café)


Westeros, you heard it right!!!

The seven kingdoms are here serving you goals for your own Iron Throne.

Experience the winter all year at the very popular Game of Thrones series based café serving delicious food in worthwhile rates and maybe you could find a Khaleesi to your Jon Snow.

  • A MUST TRY: Paneer Shatte & Freak Shakes

  • ADDRESS: 328, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Near Bombay Hospital, Vijay Nagar, Indore

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 08965040896

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

– Utkarsh Sharma



Do you get angry often?

And feel like destroying everything up?

And end up doing things you should not?

You don’t need to worry anymore. You can come and break things up and release your anger. Bhadaas café is India’s first “Anger Management Café”.  It is the café with the most unusual theme in Indore. And they serve Organic, healthy food with the taste of various Indian tastes.

  • A MUST TRY: Litti Chokha

  • ADDRESS : 27-A, Chandra Nagar, Barfanidham Road, MR 9 Rd, Indore

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 09755020247

“Release your anger by destroying anything you want and enjoy the tasty food items across the country.”

– Atul Malikram

(Bhadaas Café)


Indian parrot café will take you to the era where people used to sit under the mango tree and talk about life. The owner Manvardhan Singh Kurki has designed the entire café keeping the same aura in mind. Indian parrot will not fail to give you blissful experience with mouth-watering food and beverages.

  • A MUST TRY: Pav Bhaji Lasagne and fried kulfi

  • ADDRESS: 105, Saket Nagar, Near Saket Club, Old Palasia, Indore

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 09829962653

“Taking you back to the good old days.”

– Manvardhan Singh Kurki

(The Indian Parrot Café)


Now comes the best theme possible- “Good food, Good music.” MEDLEY is a collection of different tunes or songs which is the ultimate theme of the café. The owner believes that good music is as important as good food in a café as it changes the entire atmosphere. Experience the best music with the most appetizing food in the town.

  • A MUST TRY: Alfredo pasta

  • ADDRESS: Golden Tower, Near SBI, Sapna Sangeeta, Indore

  • CONTACT NUMBER: 0731 499 6286

“If you are bored of other regular cafes in Indore, do visit us.”

– CA. Amrita Agrawal

(Masala Medley Café)

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