Top Influencers in Indore

An individual who has the power to affect the decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their respective audience.

They are basically social relationship asset for the brands to achieve their marketing objectives. Influencers in social media are the ones who have built a reputation from their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic they make regular post about that topic  on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic engaged people who pay close attention to their views.

They are the once who are creative in their own unique way. They inspires their followers, they motivate their followers and they are the leaders who ignites the spark of hope in the hearts of thousands.


Few Influencers Of Indore are:


  • Indori zayka

Indore can undoubtedly be quoted as food hub of India and when you live in the food capital of the country, it is difficult to explore all the good places and food by yourself. So here we present INDORI ZAYKA “Indore’s No. 1 food guide”. The food guide that is perfectly blended with information about specialties and locations of the places which serves your needs the best. In nutshell, Indori Zayka is your one stop for anything and everything about food.



  • Food walk


  • Pizza fest


  • Simran Bhatia












“The Swish Browse” a renowned fashion blog owned by a very young and talented girl in her early twenties. Simran Bhatia who rocks blogging with her personal style on social networks like Instagram and YouTu be. Her fan following is around 60k on instagram. The problem she faced in her journey till now is that in Indore there is no proper blogging scenario. So her work was almost doubled as she had to work from Mumbai and so she doesn’t have the comfort of blogging in her own city. she inspires her followers with a very strong principle which says “Be Real” with what you do and somehow make a point of what you want to do with your style. All she says is don’t give up it’s gonna take time but gonna work for sure.


  • Digvijay Bhonsale

Digvijay Bhonsale is an Indian singer, guitarist and a songwriter. He is best known as the front-man of the first Metal band from Indore – ‘Nicotine’, widely recognized as the ‘pioneers of Metal music in Central India’ Apart from playing and headlining many gigs and festivals with his band, he has also performed several times in Cardiff, United Kingdom as a solo musician. 

He collaborated with a drummer and bass guitarist of the band Evicted and played alongside Dividing the Element, Acid Tear, in Zimbabwean edition of the ‘Metal United World Wide’ concert at the Reps Theatre in Harare. He has been a great inspiration to a lot of young aspiring musicians.

That the first step to success is never to loose hope and to just follow your passion.  


  • Ragini  Makkar

Ragini Makkar is one of those fortunate once who has inherited the art of kathak and is playing vital role in preserving the great dance culture. Endowsed with a creative mind and an exquisite pursuit for learning the intricacies of kathak, Ragini Makkar is best bestowed with a complete passion for dance, as a ‘sadhana’. Being alumni of Lucknow gharana, she started learning kathak at the age of 5 years. Her urge to explore wider horizons of this classical dance form took her to ‘kala Shetra’, Chennai for brushing her skills and following her passion. She being so naturally skilled and talented is an inspiration to a thousands of classical dance admirers .She being a teacher, a motivator, a mentor of so many individuals, inspires hr students to dream big with eyes open. She respects and preserves the great ancient dance culture and brings its importance to all the commoners.


  • Ranjeet Singh

The traffic policeman Ranjeet Singh directs traffic while “moon walking” at an intersection in Indore. He is inspired by bollywood and has a Michael Jackson inspired dance moves that turns head aimed the chaotic street traffic. Drivers cannot help but notice when the 38-years-old moonwalks across busy interactions. He has become a social media phenomenon with nearly 50,000 people following his activities on facebook. He also claims a number of violations at high court interaction where he works. A university is studying his methods to see whether he has cut traffic jams as well. All he advices to the youngsters is to stay safe and to follow the traffic rules.



After the detailed study of all the major influencers in Indore we have reached the level where now our officials are ready to be leaders in influencer marketing. Influencer marketing in today’s world act as a hybrid of new and old marketing tools. It holds a very significant share in today’s scenario. Understanding the importance of dynamic marketing strategies and having good relations with such renowned influencers we believe that our team is capable of satisfying our customers under our best capacities.   

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