Most beginners who want to start their own website want to keep the cost low which is understandable. So you typically Google the term free website and find many companies offering free website hosting services for free. The thought of having free web hosting and building your site without paying anything is tempting.

Until you get a reality check. Once you sign up to these so-called “free website services”, you slowly start discovering the limitations and many of them turn out to be not free at all.

Following are the reasons why free websites are almost always a bad idea:

Unprofessional web address

Having a website address like doesmysmallbusiness.Freewebsite.com not look professional at all. Visitors to your website and potential customers would find it quite difficult to take your website seriously when you don’t even have a proper domain name. And when you ask these companies for a custom domain, you usually have to pay a premium – something like Rs1500-2000 for a domain which normally costs Rs1000.


They can sell your information

Remember that these services need to make money somehow to remain in the business. A good rule of thumb is if you are not paying for it, then you are the product.These companies find other ways to make money such as selling your email address, personal information, and your website address to other companies. Their terms and conditions which no one really reads provide them total legal immunity.


They can shut down your website

The terms and conditions of these services clearly state that they can shut down your website at any time without providing you a reason. If they shut down a website, they usually don’t give your data or provide you a way to save your content.


Extremely slow websites

Most free website hosting providers put hundreds of websites sharing the same server. This makes all their websites load at very low speeds. Slow websites create bad user experience and are bad for SEO.


Trial Service is Not Really Free:

Many of these free website services often turn out to be limited trials. After a while, you are asked to pay for it. In most cases, this price is usually way higher than normal Word press hosting services. If you added a credit card during signup, then they can charge you without giving you any warning.

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